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Welcoming a New Year

A new year stands on my doorstep

ready to enter my life's journey.

something in me welcomes this visitor:

the swiftness of the coming

the boldness of the entrance

the challenge of a year's good-bye.

something in me fears this visitor:

the unnamed events of future days

the wisdom needed to walk love well

the demands of giving away and growing

a new year stands on my doorstep.

with fragile caution I move

to open the door for its entrance.

my heart leaps with surprise,

joy jumps in my eyes,

for there beside this brand-new year

stands my God with outstretched hand!

He smiles and gently asks of me:

can we walk this year together?

and I, so overwhelmed with goodness,

can barley whisper my reply:

welcome in!

Copyright Joyce Rupp

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