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19th Annotation Retreat

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19th Annotation Retreat:

The Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life

The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius could be made over a period of a year, known as the Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life or the 19th Annotation Retreat.  The retreat is a profound experience of encountering God that gives direction to one’s life, cultivates a personal relationship and love of the person of Jesus Christ, and greater freedom to follow the Lord’s call. 

We offer a 12-month 19th Annotation program that begins in June and ends in May.  A group of retreatants will go through a 5-month preparation period with spiritual conversation with matched directors.  Those who discern to continue after the summer will begin the Spiritual Exercises by meeting with their directors weekly.  There will be optional monthly faith-sharing sessions and additional input within the program.


Click below for more information on the 19th Annotation Retreat program.

If you would like to go through a traditional individually directed 19th Annotation with a spiritual director, please contact any of our pastoral staff to direct you through the Spiritual Exercises.  Click here to see our pastoral staff.

19th Annotation
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