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Retreats Change Lives

Click below to see videos of how JRC touched people's lives


"I got an intense encounter with Jesus Christ and the grace to experience his infinite love for me. All this in a beautiful setting far from the bustle of everyday life. The peace and tranquility are gifts in themselves. Even the food is good!" -- Lisa Freese

“There are so many ways to encounter God at The Jesuit Retreat Center – during prayer in the beautiful chapel; along the wooded paths that look out onto breathtaking mountain vistas; while slowly waking the Labyrinth and then visiting the nearby brook; or discovering a new author in the bookstore.” -- Ellie Hidalgo

"What a graced, blessed week this has been for me.  I feel that great healing has happened for me…an opportunity to say “yes” once again to God’s loving call for my life." -- Therese

"I came to the 8-day silent retreat with no specific agenda and yet knowing I had some significant questions to consider. I wrestled with my questions and with the support of my spiritual director noticed and savored God's presence in the wrestling. The silence of the retreat was truly an amazing experience.  My fellow retreatants were so respectful and seemed to be angels walking with me for the 8 days. The chapel, the grounds, the bookstore, the beautiful Labrinth, the incredible sunrise views from the Rotunda all contributed to a wonderfully rich experience. I will be back!" -- Laura Bennett

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