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Training Programs


Pierre Favre Program

The Pierre Favre program is a three-year training program to train people to give the 19th Annotation Retreat of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. The program is named after St. Pierre Favre who was a close friend and one of the small circle of men who founded the Society of Jesus. He was the man whom Ignatius said could best direct people through the Spiritual Exercises.  Candidates must have completed the full Spiritual Exercises and go through an interview process before one can apply to the program.

Pierre Favre Program Brochure Download Here

Those interested in applying to the Pierre Favre program should contact Fr. Chi Ngo, S.J., early in the year, either by email at or by phone at (650) 917-4080.  Classes begin in September and the deadline for application to be submitted is July 30.

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