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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


Remembering The Jesuit Retreat Center of Los Altos Makes Sense


We are grateful for the gifts that come after the donors’

lifetime, bearing witness that the Retreat Center that they

supported and cherished does indeed change lives. 

Your legacy of support makes the Jesuit Retreat Center of

Los Altos stronger, sustainable and better equipped to reach future generations with our message to live by the Ignatian norm that calls us to find God in all things; to discover where God will best be served and where people will best be helped; to show love in deeds and not just in words.


To become a member, simply complete this intention form. [Click to download form]

Download the El Retiro Society Brochure here


For more information, contact Dyane Hendricks at 650.917.4049 or

          You may leave a legacy by

  • Bequest

A gift made in a will to fund an organization that will save the donor estate tax


  • Charitable Remainder Trust

  Charitable donation that provides the donor with a tax deduction and payments for life 

Charitable Gift Annuity

A Charitable donation that provides the donor with a tax deduction and payments for life


  • Retained Life Estate

A charitable donation for which the donor retains ownership and possession for life


  • Life Insurance Policy

Make a charitable gift by naming a charitable organization or fund the beneficiary of a life insurance policy and receive a tax deduction

                                            You may choose your Fund Designation

  • General Operations

  • Capital Improvement

    • Example: a specific building, such as the Rossi Chapel, or a Grounds Feature, such as a garden or pathway

  •  Centennial Capital Campaign

  • Scholarships

    • Religious Sisters

    • Recovery

    • High School

    • Homeboys

    • General

  • Jesuit Community

  • Endowment

  • Other




                                                                                            Annual Dinner and Mass




As part of the El Retiro Society, each year you will be invited to be a guest at a special Mass and Annual Dinner where you will learn about the state of JRC. This is an opportunity to connect with other members of the El Retiro Society

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