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Until we meet again

As some of you know, I have started tertianship beginning January 10, 2022, in Portland, Oregon. This is part of our ongoing formation as Jesuits, wherein we take a break from our current apostolic ministry and dedicate some time to immerse ourselves in the foundational documents of the Society of Jesus and its history. It is a period of deepening our commitment to this way of life and experiencing, through the Spiritual Exercises, God’s abiding faithfulness and love.

My 5 ½ years here at the Jesuit Retreat Center have been a source of much richness. I have worked with Jesuits who have been great mentors in the ministry of the Spiritual Exercises. They have walked with me patiently, in very encouraging and reassuring ways, as I learned how to give retreats, how to accompany people in spiritual direction, and how to teach future guides of the Spiritual Exercises. I am indebted to my brother Jesuits for their generosity and support.

I have had the privilege of working with our lay partners in giving retreats. It is inspiring to see their love of God, their passion to guide others to grow closer to Christ, and their gratitude for the opportunity to labor with the Lord as a spiritual minister. They have taught me not to take this work for granted, and that whenever I need help, I can count of them to be there for support.

I feel indebted to all the men and women who have trusted me with their spiritual journeys, and whose lives have been living testimonies of God’s loving, freeing, and healing actions in the world. To be a witness to what God is doing in them, through them, and for them is absolutely a moment of pure grace.

Finally, I am grateful to the Lord for these years of fruitful apostolic ministry. The Lord has been good to me, and I have much gratitude in my heart.

I do not know what my next assignment will be, and it’s entirely possible that I will get sent back here. Wherever the Lord leads me next, I am consoled that my time here at the Jesuit Retreat Center will forever inform the way that I am and the way I will carry out my mission as a Jesuit.

Thank you very much. Keep me in your prayers. Blessings to all of you!

Fr. Andrew has been helping lead weekend retreats, provide spiritual direction in daily life & guides individuals in the Spiritual Exercises. He also taught in our Favre Program.

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