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Explore the Hidden Jewel of the Peninsula

In the early 1920s, the Jesuits of Northern California, with the enthusiastic support of San Francisco Archbishop Edward Hanna, sought to establish a retreat center to serve the people of the Bay Area. With word that a property in Los Altos was available, they bought it almost on first sight with the intent to convert the property’s main structure into a retreat house. The first renovation was conversion of a billiards room into a chapel, and it was there that the first Mass was celebrated on March 15, 1925. Archbishop Hanna suggested the name El Retiro San Iñigo — the St. Ignatius Retreat.


The 100th Anniversary of that first Mass and the Retreat Center will be commemorated with a morning Mass and an afternoon Mass on Saturday, March15, 2025. While free of charge, reservations will be required.


The next 12 months will be an ongoing celebration of the first 100 years and the future of the Retreat Center.


A Community Day that includes tours of the grounds, facilities and trails on this beautiful 38-acre Retreat Center will be held Saturday, April 13. Also free of charge, this is an opportunity to explore the hidden jewel of the Peninsula and learn more about Retreat Center history.


Docents We are seeking docents who can give tours of the grounds, facilities, and trails. This is a wonderful way for our supporters who know and love the Retreat Center to get involved with Community Day and the Centennial celebrations. Docents will receive a personalized JRC T-shirt & hat along with training. For information about being a Community Day Docent, contact Dyane Hendricks at


To make reservations for a Community Day, visit and click Register under Community Day or use the QR code:


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