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Be celebrated at the El Retiro Annual Mass and Champagne Brunch

Updated: Jan 18

For the second year, a group of very special friends will gather to celebrate and be celebrated. The El Retiro Society Annual Mass and Champagne Brunch will be held Sunday, February 25. 

The Mass and Dinner is free and by invitation-only to El Retiro Society members. The good news is that anyone may join. More good news is that membership is free. 

The El Retiro Society is a group of supporters who intend to remember the Retreat Center in their estate planning. Joining involves no dues, or obligations and allows us to thank and recognize members as well as inspire future generations.  You need not be wealthy to leave a legacy gift that ensures the sustainability of the Retreat Center. Generations to come will benefit from your generosity and your support of our mission will be long remembered and serve as an inspiration to others. 

El Retiro Benefits include: 

• Being honored now for the plans you have made. 

• An invitation to the Annual Mass and Dinner or Brunch. 

• Recognition in our El Retiro Society Honor Roll (unless you choose to be anonymous). 

• A connection to other El Retiro Society members who support JRC in the present and future. 

• The satisfaction from making a lasting contribution to our long-term growth of the Retreat Center. 


Simply download and complete the Intention Form, which is not a legal contract and is nonbinding but makes the Retreat Center aware of your plans. You may also download the El Retiro Society Brochure or visit El Retiro Society


Current members of the El Retiro Society are 

Jayne Booker*+ 

Rita Carroll* 

Jennifer Cheng Frances Crothers 

Alan A. Cukla* 

Leonore Daschbach*+  

Dr. William L. Drew 

Thomas Fike* 

Conor and Kelly Flannery* 

Rosemary Generali* 

Robert Granucci* 

Sean Hanlon* 

Ann Jones* 

Anne Theresa Kangas* 

Diane Kostelak* 

Hwai-tai Lam* 

Marguerite Leidich*+ 

Katya Lohngoen* 

Kim and Brian Manca* 

Robert and Mary Ann Moore* 

Ron Murphy and Carol Reber (Murphy) * 

Rev. Frank J. Muscolino* 

Thomas F. and Laura Nann 

Raymond and Barbara Nann 

Maureen Judith O'Connor* 

Paul and Denise Paternoster* 

Marilyn K. Slater* 

Mary Anne Stanislaw* 

Jean M. Vandevort* 

Paul and Annette Venables* 

James and Lia Whitehead* 


*Founding Members 

+ Of Beloved Memory  


For more information about joining the El Retiro Society, contact Dyane Hendricks at


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