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How to volunteer at a JRC event without really trying

A text came in this morning. With three weeks to go, registrations for An Evening with Father Greg Boyle are beginning to pour in. Given that Fr. Greg is a popular speaker all over the world and has many provocative observations about equitable opportunity, gang intervention, and rehabilitation that’s not surprising. His speech Be Fearless for Me: Courage and the Gospel of the Marginalized will be a fascinating discussion about faith and social justice. Add to that, Fr. Chi Ngo, SJ, will speak on the “State of JRC.”

Although virtual, there is a finite number of registrations available, so registering as soon as possible is recommended. Visit to get your registration link.

On the committee for this wonderful event are JRC Board President Kim Manca, Angela Crawford, and Fr. Kevin Leidich. When the discussion began, the question was virtual or in person? During the planning process, California was still in the midst of the lockdown. To vote went for a virtual event.

One nice thing about virtual events is that there are no geographic barriers. Whether living in Los Altos or Lisbon, anyone can join in real time.

The downside is that opportunities for volunteers are limited. In person events allow for all sorts of fun jobs, and volunteers are the lifeblood for most fundraising events. With a virtual event, there are no flowers to put on tables, signs to display and nametags to give at the door.

But there is one very important volunteer job available for An Evening with Fr. Greg Boyle. A technical rehearsal will be held from 11 a.m. to Noon on Tuesday, July 6 and JRC is looking for volunteer audience members. This rehearsal is vital to producing a well-organized event that everyone can enjoy.

Anyone interested in being a volunteer audience member on July 6 should email Dyane Hendricks at Just to be clear, Fr. Greg will not be attending this technical rehearsal. But participants will get a preview from the comfort of their own homes and have the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping the wonderful Jesuit Retreat Center of Los Altos.

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