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Dear God

Dear God,

Upon awakening your beauty cross my eyes

I imagine you as very wise

I am no longer a child

My vision of you was kind of wild,

yet really too mild

I am now grown

With still so much unknown

You were my Maker

You were my shaker

I viewed you as stern

Later I would learn

I shared with you all my wrongs

As well as my memorized preschool songs

You were present all along

Why did I feel I did not belong?

Why not eagerly share all my greatness

Instead of only my weakness?

I have many traits

Lots of love, & a bit of hates

I have gotten older

And my questions for you, bolder

Years have disappeared

You have always reared

Young, I envisioned YOU majestic

And myself too frantic

I was too small

I imagined you available to all

Yet I was too weak, too meek

At times I did take a peek

I dared to seek

You were nowhere to be

As I could not see

Not knowing who or what to look for

I opened each, & every wrong door

So it seemed

As Today… YOU beam!

With you I have a relation

There was never a wrong destination

It was only I who found myself too odd

I was not looking for perfection in you, God

I was looking for perfection in ME

So that I’d be presentable to see

Now, I am grateful to simply be

As you have created ME

I continue on with my day

To you I simply pray

I Thank you



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