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Conversion Requires Cooperation

Devastating realities force changes. But for changes to become conversions, we have to listen to God. A shattered life is just a terribly shattered life until a still voice begins to ask, “God, what should I do now?” Or maybe a voice comes from outside and speaks to the heart, “There is yet hope.”

It is the story of St. Ignatius Loyola 500 years ago. We close this year of prayer over his conversion with a Day of Recollection on July 30. His shattered leg crushed his dreams and laid him up for months and months of agonizing pain. He began to listen to God, really listen, for the first time in his life. He learned to listen to God so well that he never stopped listening even as other dreams he had were shattered.

He taught others to listen to God when their dreams were shattered, when devastating realities forced changes in their lives. He teaches that to us today.

To sign up for St. Ignatius Morning Day of Recollection click here

Fr. John Auther, SJ is a Jesuit for 42 years and a priest for almost 30 years. In his pastoral ministry he has devoted a good deal of time to Spanish-speaking work, detention facilities and retreats. He began working at JRC in January 2020

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