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A shoe, a cat and opportunities galore

Updated: May 19, 2022

Angela Zavala, our top flight Retreat Manager, came into my office the other day and asked if I was aware that I was missing a shoe. I have a few years on Angela and there are times when she seems to think that I dodder. This appeared to be one of those times. I assured her that the aforementioned, leopard print sneaker had been intentionally kicked off after giving a 2-hour tour of the Retreat Center. I was touched by her concern, even though tinged by thinly veiled doubts about my cognitive ability. But revenge is sweet. Literally. I made her take responsibility for two Bundt cakes I baked which fell apart when removed from the pan.

The pandemic has changed the way everyone conducts meetings. While there is always something to be said about meeting in person, Zoom has made meeting with board committees easier. During one such meeting, all the committee members suddenly started laughing. My back was to the window and peering in was a doe deer with her nose pressed against the glass. Well, no one said it was a closed meeting. Zoom does have challenges. Before mastering the fine art of backlighting, I was told by a board member that I looked like I was in a witness protection program.

I work in this fantastic place with an equally fantastic group of people who really care about our mission and each other. For some reason they will listen to my endless stories about the antics of my 15-pound Snowshoe Siamese, Buddy Love.

Sometimes I just stand at the spot where all the walkways converge at the Retreat Center. Smack in the middle of Silicon Valley with all the high-tech noise and commotion, we have our own tranquil town. Sometimes I am amazed at God’s Grace that brought me here.

The point of all these anecdotes is to describe the wonderfulness that is the Jesuit Retreat Center of Los Altos. People plan their vacations and days off months in advance to come to a retreat. I am already here, working with a staff, board of directors, and volunteers who truly support each other.

There are plenty of opportunities for anyone wishing to have a career at the Jesuit Retreat Center. Visit send your resume, and become part of something special.

Dyane Hendricks is the Development Director at the Jesuit Retreat Center. She has worked for and promoted non profit organizations for over 20 years.

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