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Reflections on the Nativity Scene

Last weekend I attended the Christmas Oasis virtual retreat with Fr. Auther.  At the retreat poems are presented to us and we spend some time reflecting on them.  I sat with a poem entitled “Nativity An Altarpiece” by Denise Levertov.  During my meditation, a little poem of my own bubbled up.  Perhaps some of it will resonate with others during this Christmas Season.  Thank you, Fr. Auther, for ministering to us using the gifts of poetry! 

Everyone has their places,

the scene is being set out.

Where do I stand?

What part do I play?

Will I be a Wiseman?

Searching. Following.

Showing up too late

or right on time?

Am I a shepherdess?

Called to witness my Savior’s birth?

Will I listen to the call?

Will I be too afraid to act?

Will I revel in the moment,

like the ox and ass?

Kneeling in awe and gratitude

for this wondrous gift?

Do I dare approach the manger?

Trepid and shy,

unsure of my worthiness.

I knock to make my presence known.

Joseph gets up to greet me,

Mary waves me closer.

I come empty-handed

but my heart is full.

That will be my offering.

-Lydia A. Marrufo

December 2023

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