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Donor Appreciation Mass and BBQ

More than contributors, the gathering of over 90 supporters for the May 24th Donor Appreciation Mass and Barbeque, was a community who love, support and believe in the mission of the Jesuit Retreat Center of Los Altos. Old friends were reunited— and met for the first time.

Through the days of the pandemic, JRC donors were determined that unlike other organizations or small businesses, the Retreat Center would remain intact through the COVID health crisis. Checks were written, online accounts were activated, and many gifts were made. That determination and generosity was rewarded with a retreat center that is now fully operational.

The Mass and Barbeque was a celebration of our faithful donors, the completion of a wonderful retreat season and looking forward to the promise of the Retreat Center’s future with an astronomical fundraising event with Br. Guy on September 6 and the beginning of our Centennial Celebration in 2024.

Some retreat center enthusiasts volunteered at the Barbeque to be Centennial docents or offered to share retreat brochures with their parishes. Everyone was happy to learn from board member Paul Venables how easy it is to register for retreats by using a mobile phone.

In honor of Memorial Day, Board Chair Kim Manca asked for a moment of silence for those who paid the ultimate price in service of our country. Board member Conor Flannery began a new tradition by ending the Barbeque with a toast.

Grateful thanks to Kim Manca and board members Fr. John Auther, Jim Whitehead, Conor Flannery, Fr. Tony Mancuso, Paul Venerables as well as Fr. Kevin Leidich, along with Fr. Chi Ngo, JRC Executive Director, and the marvelous Retreat Center Staff. All who took time from their busy schedules and helped create a memorable Donor Appreciation Barbeque.

Of course, our greatest appreciation to our donors who continually support and contribute to the Jesuit Retreat Center in so many ways.

For more information about the Br. Guy Astronomical Event, becoming a Centennial docent or volunteering in general, contact Dyane Hendricks at

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