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Christmas is here, bringing good cheer

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Guests carried lit candles into Rossi Chapel on December 6 as they prepared themselves for the voices and dancing of Lessons & Carols, the Jesuit Retreat Center Advent and Christmas Celebration. 

Fr. John Auther, S.J. and Linda Cunha-Ricchio read the beautiful scriptures and St. Ignatius letters that took us on a journey from darkness to the birth of Christ. Each reading was highlighted by the Choir singing, Bethlehem A.D. Angels dancing and in some cases a combination that emphasized this sacred time of year. 

Prior to the Lessons & Carols program, guests gathered in the Gellert Rotunda for a reception of conversation, friendship, and joy. We want to thank everyone who contributed to the Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Drive. 

We are grateful to Fr. Kevin Leidich, Fr. John and Ms. Cunha-Ricchio and extend gratitude to Choir Director Katya Lohngoen, Singers Mary Anne Stanislaw, John Michael Reyes, and Accompanist Terry Jelley.  We are also thankful to the Bethlehem A.D. Angels including Choreographer Natalie Huen, Dancers Jeri Richardson Daines, Krystal Kotter and Elena Herrera. 

To view a video and photos please visit - Lessons&Carols2023

Lessons & Carols is an annual donor appreciation celebration. 

The Jesuit Retreat Center sends to all the greeting that Christmas is here, bringing good cheer. 

Have a Blessed Advent and Merry Christmas! 

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