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A simple mighty service

Martha is one of the most interesting personalities in scripture. Hers was a quiet life of service. She is known for taking care of the needs of others out of her love for God, sometimes to a fault. While she does not perform any miracles, she is among the women who remained loyal and faithful to Christ.

One of the most precious commodities that we can give is time. At JRC, the Jesuit clergy and the staff work tirelessly to present all the wonderful retreats. Support comes from the Board of Directors and a wonderful group of volunteers.

Like all nonprofit organizations, JRC treasures volunteers. That includes everyone from the Board to the person who answers phones, stuffs envelopes, and helps at retreat registration.

Lent is the time to give up and to give. JRC is looking for volunteers to give their time to committees. One is a committee to help form our legacy society and the other is for our Speaker Event this spring. Later in the year there will be an opportunity to serve on the Retreats Change Lives committee for #GivingTuesday.

Consider being a Martha this Lenten season and join a committee. It is a simple mighty service.

For more information contact Dyane Hendricks at

Dyane Hendricks is the Development Director at the Jesuit Retreat Center. She has worked for and promoted non profit organizations for over 20 years.

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