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Save September 6 for Br. Guy

Updated: May 31, 2023

Br. Guy J. Consolmagno, S.J. will be speaking on September 6, 2023, as part of the Annual Jesuit Retreat Center Speaker Series.

Br. Guy will discuss God's Mechanics: The Religious Life of Techies, an examination of the personal religious life and theology of scientists and engineers — “Techies” — based on conversations with techies in California’s Silicon Valley.

There is also an opportunity to have dinner with Br. Guy when he talks about the roots of the Vatican Observatory back to the Gregorian Reform of the Calendar in 1582, and how it has been part of an extensive history of Church support for astronomy in a speech he calls The Heavens Proclaim: Astronomy and the Vatican.

Prices for the lecture and dinner will be announced. The dinner is an additional cost to the lecture.

Brother Guy is an American research astronomer, physicist, religious brother, director of the Vatican Observatory, and President of the Vatican Observatory Foundation.

Anyone interested in being a sponsor may contact Dyane Hendricks at 650-917-4049 or

Watch for emails and social media posts about attending what will be a fascinating look at faith and astronomy.

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