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Podcasting: A New Frontier

A new item juts up from the general chaos of my desk: an old-fashioned looking radio microphone. That microphone has become an essential part of a new adventure in my life: podcasting.

It seems like everyone is podcasting and I figured that our retreat center should get into the action. So a week ago I launched my own podcast: Godfulness: Mindfulness for Christians. Now I find myself tied for 16 weeks to a rigorous schedule of putting together a twice weekly podcast: Tuesdays and Fridays find me recording, editing and posting. Of the thirty-two podcasts I need to make, I have done 3. A lot of work remains to be done!

I chose Mindfulness because I am convinced that people who seek the sort of peace and acceptance that mindfulness brings could also easily convert it into a steady and consistent awareness of God.

This awareness has been taught by Christian spiritual writers from St. Paul to Thomas Merton, a long history indeed. In my podcast I will focus on how the writings of Brother Lawrence, St. Ignatius Loyola, Fr. Jean-Pierre de Caussade, SJ and Eastern Christian mystics can all help us to become more aware of God’s constant loving communication with us. Aware of that communication, we will mindfully and godfully live lives of peace and love.

If you would like to listen to my maiden voyage on the podcasting seas or pick up some ideas of how to live more aware of God, here is a link to my new adventure:

Fr. John Auther, SJ is a Jesuit for 42 years and a priest for almost 30 years. In his pastoral ministry he has devoted a good deal of time to Spanish-speaking work, detention facilities and retreats. He began working at JRC in January 2020.

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