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Experiencing Miracles on Retreats

I think I began attending the lawyers silent retreats when I was 28 years old (a few years before I became an attorney). I have had many miracles while attending these retreats. The earliest miracle that occurred was when I was 29 years old (it was my second retreat). I had already taken my three day bar exam, to become an attorney, several times and had failed. The silent legal retreat is silent almost all weekend except Friday night when we meet and greet and eat on Sunday lunch. During that first hour or two, I had met a gentleman that he said was from my town Stockton (if my memory serves me well). I believe his name was John. I happened to mention my dilemma about not passing my bar exam. He immediately said this is what you have to do. He then proceeded to tell me exactly what to do. It took a whole twenty seconds to explain it. I did exactly what he said, and I finally passed my exam. That was a miracle. I knew God had spoken to me through that man. I never saw him again, not in Stockton nor at any other retreat. Finally, throughout my lawyer profession, I would attend that retreat every year (probably 29 out of the last 35 years). Ninety percent of the time I was so stressed from work. Sometimes it was so bad I was regularly clinching my teeth to the point my jaw was so sore. At some point in time, on every retreat I was totally set free from stress. Sometimes it happened within a few hours but never more then twenty four hours later. All I knew is I had to attend that retreat every year for my miracle. Los Altos Jesuit Retreat House is truly Holy Ground!! Come and see for yourself!

Chris Massod is a long-time retreatant at JRC

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