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Personal Retreats

Individually Directed Retreats

You can arrange for a personal directed retreat as your schedule allows during the year.  An Individually Directed Retreat (IDR) is a silent retreat that provides quiet time for rest, prayer, and reflection.  A spiritual director will meet with you daily to talk and guide your retreat experience.  The IDR is highly tailored to the individual experience of the retreatants. 


These retreats have a two-night minimum stay and can be as long as 8 days or even 30 days can be arranged for the full Spiritual Exercises.

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19th Annotation Retreat:

The Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life

The 30-day retreat of the Spiritual Exercises could also be made over a period of 10 months, known as the Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life or the 19th Annotation Retreat.  The retreat is a profound experience of encountering God, give direction to one’s life, and help one grow in faith, in knowledge and love of the person of Jesus Christ, and in freedom to follow the Lord’s invitation. The retreat begins in September and ends in June, though we recommend that the retreatant begins meeting with the spiritual director a few months prior in the Spring to prepare for the Exercises.  The retreatant needs to commit to an hour of daily prayer, do the Examen, and weekly meetings with the director.

If you are interested in making the 19th Annotation Retreat, please call

(650) 917-4080 before filling out the application.

Download the 19th Annotation Retreat Application below:

Private Retreats

A Private Retreat allows you to spend time by and for yourself.  It is made in silence and require a two night minimum stay. You can attend Mass during the day, take meals, and enjoy our beautiful grounds, but without spiritual direction.

19th Annotation
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