Retreats and Programs

There is no one definition of a retreat but for everyone a retreat is a break from the routine of daily life for a time of rest, prayer, and an opportunity to grow closer to God.  The history of our faith is filled with examples of many who took retreats in order to hear more clearly the call of God — Moses, Jesus, Teresa of Ávila, Ignatius, Dorothy Day, to name just a few.  El Retiro San Iñigo offers a variety of retreats — silent and not, for men or women, or both. There are themed retreats such as those for forgiveness, ways to pray, Ignatian Spirituality, and preparation for holy days like Advent, Christmas, Lent or Easter. We also offer retreats for specific audiences for example young adults; veterans; or people in recovery; the legal, technology, and science communities; providers of compassionate care, and for those seeking to re-orient ones vocational call after retirement or a change in life. Your guide will be a trained and experienced director from our own staff or from other retreat centers who offer the wisdom from their own spiritual journeys.   Or, you can choose to just come and stay with us for a personal, self-directed retreat.

Also offered are Ignatian Spirituality retreats that follow the format of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises, in the 5-day, 8-day, 30-day forms, and the 30-week-long 19th Annotation retreat.

See our calendar for currently scheduled retreat offerings.

Testimonial line:  “I left (the retreat) having encountered Christ, deepened my faith and renewed my soul.”      –Sarah Dornbos