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Remarkable People

Everyone involved with the Jesuit Retreat Center of Los Altos believes that retreats change lives is what happens here.

There are many remarkable people responsible for ensuring that retreats occur. That includes our clergy, administrative, kitchen, maintenance, and housekeeping staff. Our Board of Directors is a loyal group of volunteers looking out for the best interests of the Retreat Center as well a our loyal volunteers who gladly assist with the every day functions.

Two groups that we hold near to our hearts are our volunteer spiritual directors and… our donors.

The retreat offerings run the gambit from the Spiritual Exercises to dealing with the grief of loss to the thanksgiving of recovery. We are grateful to our volunteer spiritual directors who help make offering all these retreats possible. They enroll in training programs and spend several years taking classes at their own expense.

Presenting the number and variety of retreats is also possible because of the generosity of our donors. We are thankful for your continued support that is crucial to the JRC retreats and training programs.

In the next week or two, you will be receiving a letter asking for your support. Included in that request, is a list of our 2022-2023 Fall Retreats. You’ll be able to see the tangible outcome of your support. You can also start making plans to attend your favorite retreats.

Thank you for all that you do and for being part of the Jesuit Retreat Center family.

Dyane Hendricks is the Development Director at the Jesuit Retreat Center. She has worked for and promoted non profit organizations for over 20 years.

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