2018-2019 Guest Directors

Guest Directors

Mary da Silva Abinante

Mrs. Mary da Silva Abinante has worked in parish, retreat, and high school ministries in California and the Northwest for over 30 years, focusing on spirituality, liturgy, and ministry formation. She is currently on the Adult Spirituality Team at St. Ignatius College Prep. in San Francisco. She has a M.A. in Religious Education and has done additional graduate work in adult formation. She and her late husband Phil have three college-age children.

Dr. Tom Bacchuber

Dr. Tom Bacchuber is President of the Board and Executive Director of The Center for Life Transitions, Inc.  His individual coaching/counseling, writing and workshops/retreats focus on career transition over the lifespan. His LifeShift: Work & the Spiritual Journey retreat incorporates leading career planning ideas with spiritual formation. He was Director of the Career Development Center at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee from 2003 to 2011 and also started the UWM Career Transitions Center for adult career changers in Milwaukee where he delivered individual coaching/counseling services and taught a variety of classesPathWays to a New Career, Horizons: Discovering Your Next Work, The Art & Science of Job Hunting, Ponderings on Spirituality for Transition and LifeSwing: Planning New Work for Retirement. He presently holds an Adjunct Faculty position in UWM’s Educational Psychology Department.

Fr. Gregory Boyle, S.J.

Ordained a Jesuit in 1984, Fr. Gregory Boyle worked as a teacher, pastor, and prison chaplain before founding Los Angeles-based Homeboy Industries in 2001. Homeboy traces its roots to “Jobs for a Future” (JFF), a program created by Boyle in 1988 at Dolores Mission parish to address the needs of gang-involved youth. Today Homeboy Industries’ nonprofit development enterprises include Homeboy Bakery, Homeboy Silkscreen, Homeboy Maintenance, Homeboy/Homegirl Merchandise, and Homegirl Café.

As an acknowledged expert on gangs and intervention approaches, Boyle is a nationally renowned speaker, and author of the worldwide best-seller Tattoos on the Heart.  Homeboy Industries is recognized as the largest gang intervention program in the country.

Mr. Jim Briggs

Mr. Jim Briggs is currently Executive Director of the School of Applied Theology (SAT). He has held administrative positions at Georgetown University and UC Berkeley as Director of their Career Centers and served 22 years at Santa Clara University as VP for Student Services and then Executive Assistant to the President.

He has a background in career development, theology, and higher education. He has taught in the career counseling graduate program at John F. Kennedy University and currently teaches a course in Ministerial Discernment at SAT. He is married and has four daughters and 12 grandchildren. 

J.J. Card

Dr. Josefina (J.J.) Card, Founder and CEO of Sociometrics Corporation, has been a Los Altos Hills resident since 1987. She received her PhD in Social Psychology from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. She and her husband, Stuart Card, have two daughters and two grandchildren. Dr. Card serves on the Board of Trustees of the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. She has completed several years of training as spiritual director and has devoted herself to deepening her own and others’ spiritual life. She currently serves as spiritual director to several local Bay Area residents. She helps co-lead a series of prayer experiences and workshops in St. Nicholas and St. William parishes, Los Altos. She is also working with Integrative Medicine doctors at PAMF to bring spiritual direction, when desired, to patients and their families.

Image result for profile photo placeholderPatrica Campbell

Dr. Patricia Campbell, a graduate of both the Pierre Favre Program at JRC and the Institute of Leadership in Ministry (ILM) assists on weekend retreats and provides spiritual direction.  She has a Psy.D. from the University of San Francisco in Counseling Psychology and has recently retired as a psychologist.

Br. Guy Consolmagno, S.J.

Brother Guy Consolmagno, S.J. is Director of the Vatican Observatory and President of the Vatican Observatory Foundation. A native of Detroit, Michigan, he earned undergraduate and masters’ degrees from MIT, and a Ph. D. in Planetary Science from the University of Arizona. He was researcher at Harvard and MIT, served in the US Peace Corps (Kenya), and taught university physics, before entering the Jesuits in 1989.

At the Vatican Observatory since 1993, his research explores connections between meteorites, asteroids, and the evolution of small solar system bodies, measuring meteorite physical properties in Castel Gandolfo and observing distant asteroids with the Vatican’s telescope in Arizona. Along with more than 200 scientific publications, he is the author of six popular books including Turn Left at Orion (with Dan Davis), and Would You Baptize an Extraterrestrial? (with Paul Mueller).

Dr. Consolmagno has served as chair of the American Astronomical Society Division for Planetary Sciences (DPS) and president of the IAU Commission on Planets and Satellites; the IAU has named asteroid 4597 Consolmagno in his honor. In 2014 he received the Carl Sagan Medal from the DPS for excellence in public communication in planetary sciences.

Fr. Bob Fabing, S.J.

Fr. Bob Fabing has founded 76 marriage counseling and family therapy centers, the Jesuit Institute for Family Life International Network, in the U.S., Central America, Europe, Africa and Asia. He began our 36-Day program in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. He has a doctorate in counseling psychology and ascetical theology. He has written five books and recorded 17 CD’s of liturgical religious music.

Cris Goodman

Ms. Cris Goodman graduated from the Favre Program and has co-led retreats at JRC.  She worked as a spiritual director in the Pilot FIRE program at Holy Spirit Parish and has worked in the Institute for Leadership in Ministry.  Cris has also accompanied souls during 8-day silent retreats and directs the Spiritual Exercises as well as general spiritual direction.

Anne Grycz

Ms. Anne Grycz is the Director Emerita of the Institute for Leadership in the Diocese of San Jose.  She works closely with both the Jesuit Retreat Center in Los Altos and the Ignatian Center at Santa Clara University.  She is also involved with Permanent Deacon and Advanced Lay Leadership Formation in the diocese.  Anne is a graduate of the Pierre Favre program and, with Andrew Rodriguez, S.J., facilities the program’s third year class.

Lee Hubbell

Mr. Lee Hubbell currently serves as the Director of JVC (Jesuit Volunteer Corp) Magis, LU CHOICE (Loyola University Chicago Opportunities in Catholic Education) and the Director of Ministry for the First studies program at Loyola University Chicago. Lee is also a spiritual director, trained in the Ignatian tradition of spiritual direction.

Fr. Mike Kennedy, S.J.

Fr. Mike Kennedy, SJ, founded the Jesuit Restorative Justice Initiative to create restorative Practices and retreats for incarcerated people with an emphasis on youth tried as adults.  He speaks throughout California and the United States on his method of Ignatian meditation.  He has been recognized by the California Chief of Probation Officers and the City of Los Angeles for his work transforming the lives of incarcerated youth, their families, and communities.


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Farelyn Lehane

Ms. Farelyn Lehane is a graduate of the Pierre Favre program and directs individuals through the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. She has many years of experience in catechetical and pastoral ministry and became involved in grief ministry after her daughter passed away in 2012.

Naomi Mayer

Ms. Naomi Mayer is a native of San Francisco. She has her MA in psychology. She served ten years as a Medical Mission Sister in the US and Venezuela. In her professional career of over 40 years she worked as a Certified Nurse-Midwife and RN case manager of hospice care, actively assisting and as a witness to the courage and spiritual strength needed at birth and death. Presently Ms. Mayer is active at St. Agnes parish, San Francisco as director of the Ministry of Consolation, director of a weekly faith sharing group, offers individual spiritual direction and is a director of the 19th annotation. She is a passionate seeker of Ignatian spirituality and participant of the Pierre Favre Program.

Tim McCabe, S.J.

Fr. Tim McCabe worked in a hospice for the homeless in San Francisco and Chicago with the Ignatian Spirituality Project, which offers retreats to homeless women and men. He is currently director of the Pope Francis Center in Detroit.

Brendan McGuire

Bio coming soon

Ms. Cynthia Robertson 

Ms. Cynthia Robertson has been an avid yoga practitioner since 1990, following her introduction to the practice while in Sri Lanka as a Peace Corps volunteer. In 2010 she completed a 3-year certification course in Embodied Anatomy and Yoga in Berkeley. For the past 16 years she has taught French and Yoga at St. Ignatius College Prep in San Francisco, where she has delved into Ignatian Spirituality. She integrates this Ignatian wisdom to create a practice that focuses on ease of movement as a natural response to finding the stillness within.

Ms. Leelamma Sebastian 

Ms. Leelamma Sebastian’s first connection with Mother Teresa was as a teenage volunteer in Calcutta. She is trained to give the Spiritual Exercises and has co-directed retreats at JRC since 2007. She has a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Chaminade University and an MA in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University. She works at Santa Clara University.

Fr. Rob Scholla, S.J.

Fr. Rob Scholla, S.J. has taught at Santa Clara University, the Weston School of Theology in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Loyola Marymount University.  While at LMU, he offered courses in the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts, the School of Education and Loyola Law School.  After completing six-years of service as rector of the Jesuit Community at LMU, Rob joined the staff of the Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education here at SCU in January 2013.

Fr. William Watson, S.J.

Fr. William Watson, S.J., D. Min., has spent over thirty five developing Ignatian programs The Ignatian evangelization programs of Sacred Story Institute, based on Fr. Watson’s Ignatian evangelization methods and past record of successful program development, will become part of your faith community and endure in their relevance and effectiveness for decades to come.

Fr. Watson received his Doctor of Ministry degree in 2009 from The Catholic University of America (Washington D.C.). He also holds Masters Degrees in Divinity and Pastoral Studies, respectively (1986; Weston Jesuit School of Theology, Cambridge Massachusetts). He is a specialist in Ignatian Spirituality and the Ignatian Examination of Conscience.

Fr. Tom C. Weston, S.J.

Fr. Tom C. Weston, S.J., has been involved in 12-Step Programs since 1976. A former Director of the Jesuit Volunteers Corps and a teacher at Loyola High School in Los Angeles, he has degrees and experience in counseling, education and theology. He counsels, conducts workshops and seminars, and preaches retreats internationally and often. He lives and gardens in Oakland, California.

Ms. Katie Wolf

Ms. Katie Wolf has been developing and implementing curriculum to teach the creative process for over 40 years in San Francisco.  A teacher at St. Ignatius Preparatory since 1977, her teaching has inspired thousands of students to recognize, express and share their gift of creativity and in so doing, their resultant pieces give praise to the Creator.  She balances the life of an educator with that of a working artist.  Her personal creative work ranges from environmental fabric designs for the vast and modern St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco to intimate sacred spaces, Byzantine icons and an Art and Nature Retreat Site in northern California.  Katie received her M.F.A. From the San Francisco Art Institute and her B.F.A. from Santa Clara University.