Fr. Chi Ngo Goes to Rome

Fr. Chi Ngo, of The Jesuit Retreat Center, was selected as a delegate to help select the next leader of the Jesuit order.  He joined 215 other Jesuits from across the globe to participate in this event which only happens every 10-15 years.  As you probably know by now the new Superior General of the Jesuits is Fr. Arturo Sosa of Venezuela.

Fr. Chi said the process of selecting the new leader was fascinating:   the first four days of their work the delegates underwent what is called murmuratio, where they quietly speak in one-on-one settings with each other about what qualities might be useful in the next superior general.  They then cast written ballots which are counted twice.  More about the voting process is secret and cannot be discussed.

Pope Francis visited the group, but kept his remarks brief as he didn’t want to disrupt the discernment process.

In addition to working hard, Fr. Chi had a few days off to play tourist.  He was able to visit a number of famous churches in both Rome and Naples.

He said this experience has greatly impacted his prayer life and his ministry.



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