Accommodations & Meals

Accommodations at The Jesuit Retreat Center of Los Altos include 84 secure, simple but comfortable lodging rooms – singles and some double accommodations available. Each room has a bed with linens, a private bath with shower, soap, a writing table and chair, and a small closet. There is a Bible in each room. If you have special needs or preferences, please let us know when you register and we’ll make every effort to accommodate you. Our guests are served by our knowledgeable and friendly staff 24/7 in order to make your stay as pleasant as we can.   Group gatherings occur in meeting spaces and breakout rooms located throughout the campus. There are private rooms for spiritual direction and Reconciliation, and for prayer.  Some areas of the campus may be difficult to navigate for those with restricted mobility.  We welcome your phone call or an email if you have any questions.

Check-in is at 4:00 pm on the first day of your retreat, unless otherwise specifically notified. This provides time for you to settle in, perhaps take a walk and prepare for your retreat. We usually host a welcoming activity and dinner begins in the dining room at  6:00 pm, prior to your first conference session. For our first time guests, we make every effort to make available one of our volunteer hosts to familiarize you with our beautiful facility to make the beginning of your retreat an easy transition.

Delicious, freshly prepared and healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner meals are served buffet style in our dining room overlooking the Santa Clara Valley, Bay, and eastern mountains. Delicious meat and vegetarian selections, salads, and fruit, appropriate to the season are available each day. Snacks, including fruit, scones, and cookies, as well as coffee, tea, and ice water are available all day.  While many of our selections are inherently gluten-free, we do not offer a gluten-free menu per se, nor do we offer a vegan menu. Guests with specific dietary requirements are welcome to bring their own food to The Retreat Center.

Most retreats are silent. But even for those that are not, we ask our guests at all times to respect the quiet standards of a place set aside for prayer and contemplation. Use of electronic devices, including radios and cell phones, save for emergencies, and other noises that would distract you and other retreatants from the retreat activities is to be avoided.