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There is no one definition of a retreat but for everyone a retreat is a break from the routine of daily life for a time of rest, prayer, and an opportunity to grow closer to God.  The history of our faith is filled with examples of many who “made” retreats in order to hear more clearly the call of God — Moses, Jesus, Teresa of Ávila, Ignatius, Dorothy Day, to name just a few.  El Retiro San Iñigo offers a variety of retreats — silent and not, for men or women, or both. There are themed retreats such as those for forgiveness, ways to pray, Ignatian Spirituality, and preparation for holy days like Advent, Christmas, Lent or Easter. We also offer retreats for specific audiences,  for example young adults; veterans; or people in recovery; the legal, technology, and science communities; providers of compassionate care, and for those seeking to re-orient ones vocational call after retirement or a change in life. Your guide will be a trained and experienced director from our own staff or from other retreat centers who offer the wisdom from their own spiritual journeys.   Or, you can choose to just come and stay with us for a personal, self-directed retreat.

Also offered are Ignatian Spirituality retreats that follow the format of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises, in the 5-day, 8-day, 30-day forms, and the 30-week-long 19th Annotation retreat.

See our calendar for currently scheduled retreat offerings.

“I left (the retreat) having encountered Christ, deepened my faith and renewed my soul.”      –Sarah Dornbos

About Retreats

Weekend Retreats

Weekend themed retreats are available almost year round and usually begin with a reception Friday evening followed by dinner and a first presentation on the theme of the retreat. If it is a silent retreat, silence begins after the first presentation as we walk to Rossi Chapel for Mass. The remainder of the weekend includes additional presentations and Masses, opportunities for individual conferences, Reconciliation, or perhaps a healing service. The retreat concludes with lunch on Sunday.

At Los Altos, I encountered Jesus Christ in new ways and received the grace to experience his infinite love for me. All this in a beautiful setting far from the bustle of everyday life. The peace and tranquility are gifts in themselves. And the food is great!”     -Lisa Freese

Day of Retreat

Several times throughout the year we host non-overnight day retreats of prayer, renewal and reflection. These are listed on the calendar and include Ignatius Day, an art or journaling workshop, Ash Wednesday, the Busy Person’s Day of Retreat. These are led by our pastoral team, spiritual directors, faith leaders, and special guest hosts.

Personal Retreats

It is possible to arrange for a personal retreat.  We have three forms are available:

  1. An Individually Directed Retreat provides you an opportunity to meet with your spiritual director for 30-45 minutes daily.  These are silent retreats.  These retreats have a two night minimum stay and you determine the length of your stay.
  2. An 8-Day Retreat as an Individually Directed Retreat.     
  3. And the 30-Day Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius also offered throughout the year.

Please let us know if you are interested in a 30-day retreat or an 8-day retreat as each requires extra preparation.

Click here for your application.

Please submit your application as early as possible to make sure a director and room are available.

A Private Retreat

A Private Retreat allows you to spend some time by and for yourself.  It is made in silence and requires a two-night minimum stay. You can attend Mass during the day, take meals, and enjoy our beautiful grounds, but without spiritual direction.  Click here to download the form to inquire about a Personal Retreat

Your room will generally not be available until after 4:00 pm on the day of your arrival. Please plan your arrival accordingly.

Your fee includes a single room with a private bath, linens and towels, and three meals per day beginning dinner on your arrival day. Full payment of your reservation is required four weeks prior to your stay with us.

The 19th Annotation Retreat

St. Ignatius of Loyola realized that not everyone could set aside and schedule 30 days or more to participate in the Spiritual Exercises. His solution is known as the “19th Annotation Retreat” named so because it is explained among several other annotations at the beginning of Ignatius’ book on the Spiritual Exercises.

This retreat occurs during daily life as the retreatant continues to live at home.  Those who make this retreat participate in daily readings, prayer, and meditation disciplines, and meet weekly with a spiritual guide over several months. 

 Please click this link The 19th Annotation Retreat to explore your interest in this graced retreat experience.

If you are interested in making “the 19th”  please call (650) 917-4000.

Download the 19th Annotation Retreat Application here.

Ready to gain spiritual insight and deepen your faith experience?

We invite all who seek a quiet place for rest, reflection, and prayer to visit us in order to draw closer to God.

Our programs welcome people of all faiths who seek spiritual transformation, healing and seek to discern how God may be calling them to lives of service for others.

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