Personal Retreats

It is possible to arrange for a personal retreat.  We have three types of personal retreats:

  • An Individually Directed Retreat

  • A Private Retreat

  • The 19th Annotation Retreat

Click here to download the form to inquire about a Personal Retreat

  • An Individually Directed Retreat (IDR) affords you an opportunity to meet with your spiritual director for 30-45 minutes daily.  These are silent retreats.  These retreats have a two night minimum stay and you determine how long they last.  You can also make the 30-day Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, or an 8-Day Retreats as an Individually Directed Retreat.   Please let us know if you are interested in a 30-day retreat or an 8-day retreat as each requires extra preparation.
  • A Private Retreat (PR) allows you to spend some time by and for yourself .  You can attend Mass during the day, but no direction is available.  These retreats are in silence with a two night minimum stay.
  • Please submit your request as early as possible.  This increases the possibility of a director and a room being available.
  • For Individually Directed Retreats and Private Retreats:
    •  Your room is generally not available until after 3:00 pm. Please schedule your arrival accordingly.
    • Your fee includes a single room with a private bath, and three meals per day.
    • Full payment is required four weeks prior to your arrival.