The Spiritual Exercises – Summer 2019

June – July TBA , 2018

The 30-Day retreat at the Jesuit Retreat Center of Los Altos offers the experience of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. The Exercises can be helpful for someone seeking to discern an important decision – whether it is a vocational choice, a decision regarding one’s current way of life, or pertaining to a period of transition. It is also an excellent experience for anyone experiencing a time of renewal or a sabbatical.

The retreat experience begins with two preparation days and concludes with a day of reflection. During the retreat itself, the retreatant prays four or five times a day, meets with a spiritual director once a day, and participates in daily Eucharist. An atmosphere of prayerful silence pervades the property and the hearts of the retreatants during this important time.

Normally, retreatants will have made at least one silent, directed retreat (8-Days or 19th annotation) before embarking on the 30-Day retreat. It is also expected that retreatants will have previously engaged in ongoing spiritual direction.

In addition to completing the application form, those wishing to apply are asked to supply a statement from their spiritual director detailing both the duration of spiritual direction and their readiness for the retreat; two letters of recommendation from those active in the faith who know the retreatant well, and a headshot to be used in the retreat welcome package.

Please note that no action will be taken on any application until all these materials are received, along with a $600 deposit required to reserve a space. Once an application is approved, the remaining $3,595 balance will be due by May xx, 20198. [date change needed?]

Fee $4195

*$600 deposit due with completed application

Registration Information for the 30-Day Retreat