A place for you . . .

The peaceful surroundings of The Jesuit Retreat Center of Los Altos invite guests to pause for reflection while enjoying the solitude of these quiet, wooded hills. This picturesque setting is ideal for contemplation and spiritual rejuvenation.

Our 2018-2019 Retreat Calendar is here!

What is a retreat?

There is no one definition for a retreat. And the same retreat will mean different things for different people.
For everyone, however, it is a time of rest and prayer. A time to grow closer to God.
El Retiro San Iñigo offers a variety of retreats — silent and not, for men or women or both, retreats with themes of forgiveness, ways to pray, Ignatian spirituality, to prepare for Christmas or Easter, or perhaps a retreat for a particular group — for example, young adults, veterans, or people in recovery.
Here at The Jesuit Retreat Center, each retreatant has his or her own private room with a bath, the opportunity to enjoy 38 hilly, tranquil acres with numerous trails and delicious meals in a dining room with a view of the whole valley.
Weekend retreats usually begin with a reception Friday evening, followed by dinner and a first presentation on the theme of the retreat. If it is a silent retreat, silence begins after the presentation as we walk to Rossi Chapel for Mass. The remainder of the weekend has additional presentations and Masses, opportunities for individual conferences, Reconciliation, perhaps a healing service — and very notably, the occasion to relax, rest, pray, and step away for a while from all the distractions of life. The retreat concludes with lunch on Sunday.
The history of our faith is filled with examples of those who retreated in order to hear more clearly the call of God — Moses, Jesus, Teresa of Ávila, Ignatius, Dorothy Day, to name but a few.
You will be guided by trained and experienced directors who offer the wisdom of their own spiritual journey and as well as their experience conducting retreats here and elsewhere.
Come feel the warm welcome of The Jesuit Retreat Center. We will be blessed by your presence.